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  1. Contribute via GitHub. Via 5MF's GitHub repository, you can build out and improve the concept decks currently on 5MF. Or you can help us finish out presentations that are currently "under construction". We also welcome completely new material based on your interests and expertise. To help get you started with GitHub, we've put together a few tutorials, which you can find below.

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  2. Work directly with us to develop new content. Do you have class presentations or powerpoint decks that would make great 5MF concept pages? We would love work with you to transform them into interactive online presentations! We're happy to brainstorm ways to add data-intensive, interactive apps into traditional presentations and to offer any other support you might need.

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We also welcome recommendations for new "In the Real World" links or any other ideas for improving 5-Minute Finance.

Part 1: Submitting a pull request on GitHub

Part 2: Using the GitHub command line

Part 3: The R Studio Git graphical interface

Featured Contributor

John Schellhase, Associate Director at the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets
Learn more about the Center for Financial Markets here and read John's research here.

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